NEC Technology partners


Lanpoint Communications was established in February 2006.

Our reputation is built on providing well informed and trusted advice to our customers. We supply and implement reliable communications solutions and support.

About Us

The company's staff have been employed in the Telecommunications industry for 25 years and held positions of Technical Officer, Operations Manager and Sales Manager. We are certified in all NEC Systems and maintain the highest level of NEC accreditation as a NEC Elite Partner.


Lanpoint recognises that in a rapidly evolving IT and communications environment, businesses need to be aware of the technologies that will improve their business efficiency and reliability.

Our aim is to provide systems that are tailored for businesses across all industry sectors. Our engagement with the customer is a consultative approach to establish the business requirements and offer a customized solution that is simple and flexible for the user.

Effectively managing a current telephony system, in many cases, is all that may be required to maintain a fully functional and efficient communications environment. This can be easily achieved by performing an audit of the system and carrier services to identify capability and capacity of the system. Programming changes and a current system upgrade or expansion, rather than a replacement system can achieve the desired result.


You, the customer, demand informed advice on the best value proposition telephony solution for your business.

Deciding and implementing technology systems for any business, involves significant time and responsibility in making the correct decision. These decisions will directly impact the effective operation of the business. Researching available technologies, coordinating Suppliers, Carriers, ISP's and Contractors is a difficult and time consuming task.

Our offers detail the solution and contain clearly laid out costs. We do not follow Carrier bundling practices where a simple monthly fee, when multiplied out, ends up costing significantly more than the solution is worth and simply cannot be justified.

Outright equipment purchase or Finance is available, it is your choice.

Lanpoint is committed to providing solutions from design phase to project completion to system support. We deem the relationship with our customers as our highest priority and we back this up with our hands on approach to all projects large and small.

We have successfully designed, procured, deployed and maintained 100's of telephony solutions over 25 years.

We have implemented systems in a wide range of industries including Small Business, Manufacturing, Finance, Legal, Government, Hospitality and Health from Clinics to Major Hospitals.