Our Access options provide cost effective, reliable, and scalable services with high-performance network access technologies required to deliver services to your premises. Our Private Networking and Internet services provide high performance, reliable and secure network solutions with QoS options within our network.

NBN® can be delivered either by nbn® Ethernet Bitstream Services (NEBS) or by nbn® Enterprise Ethernet (EE). Both Delivery methods can have optional Enhanced Service Levels

nbn® NBES and nbn® EE have optional Enhanced Service Level Agreements (eSLA) for increased peace of mind. eSLA’s include longer support hours, quicker support response times and shorter issue rectification times over standard assurance and rectification.

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Enhanced service levels on the nbn broadband access network
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Base Service

Base Service is a base level Internet service supplied in partnership with wholesale carriers using the nbn® Multi-Technology Mix (MTM) and direct Fibre Access Services to provide a dedicated connection to the Internet. The available infrastructure at the desired site determines the range of data speeds available.

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Access Service

Access Service is an asymmetrical broadband service, utilising the nbn® Multi-Technology Mix (MTM) to provide data connectivity between customer premises and our Core Network.

Access Service features core network Quality of Service (QoS), traffic engineering and contention options, enhanced Service Level Agreement (SLA) options and mobile data redundancy.

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Business Service

Business Service is a symmetrical broadband access service that utilises nbn® Multi-Technology Mix (MTM), direct Fibre Access Services from nbn® to provide national coverage.

Business Service features core network QoS, traffic engineering and contention options, enhanced SLA options, and bundled backup (Mobile for nbn® MTM and nbn® MTM for Fibre Access

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Enterprise Service

Enterprise Service is a symmetrical broadband access service. This business access solution utilises direct Fibre Access Services from nbn® and partners to provide national coverage. Enterprise Service features full QoS support, dedicated access bandwidth, enhanced SLA options and bundled nbn® MTM backup to provide Enterprise-Grade performance.

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Access Port

Access Port provides a private layer 2 network connection over 4G/5G and Internet Hotspot networks. The Access Port can be used for a variety of applications including as a 4G/5G Private Network link (ePN/ iPN/SDW) Rapid Turn-Up, Back-Up and Disaster Recovery for primary access services.

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Global Service

Global Service is a broadband access product that utilises Copper and Optical Fibre technology for connection to the customers’ premises in international locations. Global Service provides a strong global footprint to support the seamless international expansion of domestic services.