Voice provides a carrier-grade, voice solution based on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology built on a highly reliable and proven platforms.
Voice leverages technology and innovation that guarantees a continuous roadmap to Value Added services beyond VoIP.

SIP Trunk

SIP Trunk is a scalable and flexible VoIP trunk solution that provides multi-line services for connection to SIP based CPE.

Teams Trunk

Teams Trunk is a scalable and flexible IP based voice trunk solution that provides multi-line services for Microsoft Teams Deployments.


ToTeams in a platform allows your Microsoft teams to configure Direct Routing of your preferred carrier without using any PowerShell commands in an easy and convenient way

Multiline Trunk

Multiline services provide reliable cost effective trunk telephony solutions to replace traditional digital ISDN BRI/PRI connections to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Hosted Voice

Hosted Voices are cloud-based PBX and Contact Centre solutions that provide business-grade telephony and unified communications application


CloudPBX is a full-featured Business Cloud Telephony and Unified Communications solution that is scalable, secure and flexible. CloudPBX removes the initial capital investment, and ongoing maintenance and support cost associated with traditional Customer Premises PBX systems.

Cloud Contact Centre

Cloud Contact Centre is designed to simplify and enhance call management at the busy call centers and contact centers of any size. Cloud Contact Centre provides Agent & Supervisor Applications, Dialler functions, Real-time Agent monitoring and Wallboard features.


Quicktalk is a call roster system that delivers outside calls based on a predefined schedule to a single point of contact (rostered member). Rostering confirmations can be delivered with SMS and email notification. Calls delivered and adherence to a roster can be recorded and reported with the reporting feature.

SIP Trunk

SIP Trunk is a scalable and flexible VoIP trunk solution that provides multi-line services for connection to SIP based CPE

Home Phone

Home Phone is a low-cost basic service that provides residential users with the capability to make and receive both on-network and off-network calls

Office Phone

Office Phone is an enhanced solution for business users. Office phone includes voice mail and access to a Voice Portal for call control(forward/busy/unavailable).

Fax to Email

Fax to Email is a inbound service to receive faxes on a nominated number. The received faxes are converted to a PDF format and sent to a nominated email address

Email to Fax

Email to Fax is an outbound service to send faxes from a nominated number. The information to be faxed is sent from a nominated email address in PDF format. The PDF file will be converted to FAX format and sent to the destination number

Voice Applications and Services

1800/13 Call-in

Call-in provides a web-based management solution for non-geographic inbound voice numbers including 13, 1300 and 1800. Call-in is highly flexible with support for simple and complex call routing scenarios. IVR and Call Queuing options. Call-in has the capability to provide geo-locations of callers, including Mobile devices

International Inbound

International Inbound services provide premium quality global voice origination services combined with the largest international coverage of local, national, mobile and toll-free virtual numbers.


PaybyTone is a secure payment product designed for call centres / online businesses to securely process credit card transactions. PaybyTone will allow call centre agents to process credit/debit card payments without transmitting cardholder data to the agent. We provide these services to both our Voice systems and other carriers (bring you own Voice System, we provide the secure PaybyTone transaction)