Cloud Services

Website Hosting

Website Hosting provides Next Generation hosting which is Fast, Secure, Reliable & Scalable.

Domain Names Services

Domain Names Services including registration, DNS hosting and re-delegation

Email Services

Email services including POP/IMAP/SMTP with additional features such as anti-spam support.

Firewall Solutions

Sentry Firewall Solutions provide secure internet services that can be directly connected to broadband access and private networks. Centrally Managed and Hosted Firewalls offers extensive unified threat management services for Access control, End Point management, VPN Access and Intrusion Protection.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a solution that provides cost effective secure Windows and Linux based Operating System partitions within a Virtual Machine environment with options for compute power, memory and storage.

Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine (VM) solutions emulate physical computing environments which can support host Operating Systems with options for compute power, memory and storage.

Dedicated Bare metal Server (DS)

Dedicated Bare metal Server (DBS) is located within Data Centres in most Australian Capital Cities with options for compute power, memory and storage.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud services include subscription and direct private access options to most Public Cloud solutions including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud